How To Stop Fear Holding You Back

Going for Goal

By Women's Health UK

How To Stop Fear Holding You Back

Thursday, 6 August

This week we’re doing a little mindset maintenance – looking at fear. Specifically, the fear that you’re not good enough, and how this can build and build and hold you back in many ways. From not going for the goals you want because you’re so fearful of failure, to being fearful that the success you’ve accumulated is so fleeting and so ready to be wrenched away from you that you keep chasing success but never actually allow yourself to recognise it; to enjoy it. The type of fear that, if it gets both hands on the wheel, can drive you towards overwork, burnout and a total disconnection from meaning, purpose and happiness in your life. Roisín is joined by Dr Pippa Grange - a doctor of sports psychology and a world-leading culture coach who’s hired by the sporting and business elite to help them edge in front of the competition. As head of people and team development at the Football Association, she worked closely with Gareth Southgate’s England team for the World Cup in 2018. She calls fear a thief, arguing that working on your fear is an essential step in achieving success - and talks through the techniques to facing it once and for all.


Dr Pippa Grange is author of Fear Less: How to Win at Life Without Losing Yourself (Vermilion) - out now. 

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