102 Making Crime Sexy, With Arielle Souma

102 Making Crime Sexy, With Arielle Souma

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 12 August

The gang are back with another historical case to solve, and helping everyone achieve that goal is comedian, writer & MC, Arielle Souma!

Arielle not only brings some handy historical knowledge to proceedings, but also, single-handedly, makes true crime sexy ... FINALLY!

We start by hearing about the time our guest was left in a tight spot on holiday, which resulted in a confusing turn of events and a thrilling car ride, before then moving on to hear about a case which is not only a fascinating lesson in royal history, but also one in how inept some potential perpetrators can be.

We then hear from cherished Australian listener Vanessa who was framed by someone in her own family for something she didn't do and it looks like detective Souma gets to the bottom of that one too.

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