TN:48 Grouplove & Dave Sitek

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TN:48 Grouplove & Dave Sitek

Wednesday, 12 August

In this episode, John catches up with Grouplove’s Hannah Hooper and Christian Zucconi along with legendary producer Dave Sitek to breakdown how they wrote, recorded and produced the band’s latest album Healer. 

As their first record with an outside producer, the band reflect on their creative flow, pulling apart tracks bit by bit and showing us how Dave was the perfect weirdo to bring the album together. From jamming out five-hour demos at Hannah’s parent’s house to spending over a month recording from 9pm through to 11am, fuelled by cookies with cream cheese, breakfast burritos and copious amounts of weed. 

We hear theories on how people’s souls enter your body to give you songs, why Dave has been the cause of multiple people’s synth addictions, and we are treated to unheard midnight vocal takes recorded just before Hannah’s vocal surgery. 


Tracks discussed: Deleter, Expectations, Places 


Listen to 'Healer' here.

'Healer' - Atlantic Recording Corporation, WEA International Inc., Warner Music Group



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