Gemma Atkinson on Getting Strong and the Power of Keeping it Real

Going for Goal

By Women's Health UK

Gemma Atkinson on Getting Strong and the Power of Keeping it Real

Thursday, 13 August

In today’s episode, Women’s Health’s Editor-in-Chief Claire Sanderson chats with radio presenter, mum-of-one and serious fitness lover Gemma Atkinson (who might be the one guest who loves challenging herself with workouts just as much as Claire does). Gemma so exemplifies what we love and value at Women’s Health - the passion for fitness, the balanced, no-BS approach to living well, the cracking sense of humour - that she’s been on the cover of Women’s Health twice. Once, at the beginning of 2018 and again earlier this year, six months after giving birth to her daughter, Mia. In this conversation she talks about what it was like to shoot that cover and how proud she was was to celebrate her evolved, un-airbrushed body. She and Claire also candidly discuss the pressures on young women today and how they plan to raise strong, body-confident daughters. Plus, Gemma shares the approach to fitness and nutrition that helps her stay strong, fit and happy.

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