Notes on a Pandemic - Science Rules

Notes on a Pandemic - Science Rules


CGTN&aposs new podcast series "Notes on a Pandemic" looks at how business, science and people have risen to the challenges of COVID-19, bringing us solutions which will change all our futures.

Science rules - Since the first cases of COVID-19 were reported, the world has looked to the scientific community to find an effective treatment. 

 The top minds in the pharmaceutical industry have been working at full speed on  possible medical solutions - and the hunt for a vaccine that would normally take years has been fast-tracked to a matter of months. 

 In the first in CGTN’s new podcast series "Notes from a Pandemic", we speak to medical professionals that were frontline in the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa to find out how previous pandemics have informed our response to COVID-19 and ask if lessons from previous pandemics in the developing world were properly learnt.

 We examine how the pharmaceutical sector is being reshaped by the many agencies involved in the search for a cure and by the billions being spent by governments, private sector providers and philanthropic donors.

 And we hear from some of the world&aposs top virologists and public health experts as they explain why COVID-19 has proved to be such a challenge.

"Notes on a Pandemic" is written and presented by Louise Greenwood.

The production assistant is Katherine Berjikian.

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