RETRO AIOTM (2010 Autumn Special 2)

RHLSTP with Richard Herring

By Sky Potato, Go Faster Stripe and Fuzz Productions

RETRO AIOTM (2010 Autumn Special 2)

Thursday, 13 August

Retro AIOTM #21 - Do you remember 19th October 2010? Do you want to go back there and have marmalade for lunch and celebrate the rescue of those Chilean miners? Let me take you by the audio hand and lead you through the annal passage of time to this old episode of AIOTM

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As It Occurs To Me: 2010 Special episode 2: It's AIOTM XXI and although one God is dead, many others are still going strong and the cast are looking forward to their history being revealed in the forthcoming movie, The Social Leper. Rich is a safer driver thanks to a trip to Ipswich, Christian is sticking up for the monkeys, Dan has found his embarrassing University essays and Emma's poo stories prompt the audience to reveal all kinds of fecal embarrassment. There's a surprising job move for Rich and we're all celebrating the miners' safe return (well most of them) and decrying the emissions of taxi drivers and the marmalade based advertising of once respected broadcasters. Business as usual for what might be the penultimate episode of AIOTM. EVER!

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