"Adam" (Torso In The Thames)

"Adam" (Torso In The Thames)

By Unresolved Productions

On 21st September 2001, a man discovered the dismembered remains of a young boy floating in the River Thames.

Investigators would begin the lengthy process of identifying the victim, who was missing his head and limbs, and was found wearing only a pair of bright orange shorts. Through cutting edge forensic testing, they would discover how long he had been in the UK and where he likely came from, but very little when it came to specifics.

However, over the next several years, police would uncover the unidentified boy's links to nefarious characters all over Europe, who were linked to a large-scale human trafficking ring based out of West Africa...

Researched & written by Gabriella Bromley

Hosted & produced by Micheal Whelan

Original music composed by Micheal Whelan through Amper Music

Theme music created and composed by Ailsa Traves

Producers: Roberta Janson, Ben Krokum, Victoria Reid, Gabriella Bromley, Peggy Belarde, Quil Carter, Laura Hannan, Damion Moore, Amy Hampton, Steven Wilson, Scott Meesey, Marie Vanglund, Scott Patzold, Astrid Kneier, Lori Rodriguez, Aimee McGregor, Sydney Scotton, Sara Moscaritolo, Sue Kirk, Thomas Ahearn, Travis Scsepko, Seth Morgan, Marion Welsh, Patrick Laakso, Alyssa Lawton, Meadow Landry, Rebecca Miller, Jo Wong, Tatum Bautista, Erin Pyles, Teunia Elzinga, Jacinda B., Ryan Green, Stephanie Joyner, and Dawn Kellar

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