How to Create the Perfect Workout Schedule for Body and Mind

Going for Goal

By Women's Health UK

How to Create the Perfect Workout Schedule for Body and Mind

Thursday, 27 August

This week’s episode is a proper back-to-school one - not literally. But you know that September feeling - new stationery, shiny shoes, a colour-coordinated schedule - we’re talking that, but for your workouts. Yes, we’re looking at the goal of building the perfect workout schedule for body and mind. One that will help you get stronger or faster whilst being kind to yourself. Because healthy change is never just about evolving the way your body looks - or even performs. From setting your goal to seeing it through and the whole journey in the middle, there’s a real mental and emotional component, too. That’s why, joining WH fitness writer Morgan Fargo on this week’s show are two brilliant experts. The first, Nike Global master trainer Joslyn Thompson Rule brings a tonne of knowledge about the nuts and bolts of putting together a fitness schedule that supports your goal. And the second, Chartered Sports Psychologist Dr Josie Perry, is a leading voice in understanding how best to get your mind on-side - and balance determination with self-compassion. So, whether you want to get stronger; build certain muscles, smash out a 10k or shift any excess body fat - in this episode we have plenty of inspiration and advice for you to action today. Or, you know, after the August bank holiday...

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