Dan Pena - Just F*cking Do It | London Real

London Real

By Brian Rose

Dan Pena - Just F*cking Do It | London Real

Wednesday, 2 September

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Dan Peña is back. Most of you will know the love-hate relationship I have with my hard-ass, ball-breaking mentor. You’ve seen the castle episode, and many of you tell me your favourite London Real episode is Dan’s first conversation with me.

I remember that day like it was yesterday. I went home after the shoot with my mind reeling. Quite honestly, I was in a bad mood. Dan had gotten inside my head, which I now realise is his speciality. I knew deep down that I, and London Real, could be a lot more, and it took an angry, old, former oil tycoon shouting in my face to finally wake up to what this show could really become. #LondonRealArmy

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