Teeka Tiwari - Get Set For Life: How To Use Red Hot IPO's To Make $1 Million on One Deal

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By Brian Rose

Teeka Tiwari - Get Set For Life: How To Use Red Hot IPO's To Make $1 Million on One Deal

Thursday, 3 September

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Most readers probably know Teeka Tiwari for his early calls on Bitcoin and Apple as well as his recent success with his 5 Coins to 5 Million promotion.

In 2016, he saw a new asset class whose value was deeply misunderstood. He realised Bitcoin and the blockchain technology it ran on would change the way we trade, store, and move anything of value…

Fast-forward to today… Bitcoin is up 3,608% since he recommended it in April 2016 – despite its massive volatility.

It was a similar “ah ha” moment 17 years ago with Apple. His exclusive research told him Apple’s iPod was a game-changing product. Once it made a version compatible for non-Apple users, adoption would explode… and Apple shares would skyrocket.

He had clients buy Apple at a pre-split price of $12 in 2003. Since then, Apple is up 37,411%. Clients who stuck with Apple would’ve turned every $1,000 into about $427,680 (including dividends).

Today, Apple is the largest U.S. company by market cap.

While Teeka is proud of his track record in technology (including selling chipmaker Nvidia in 2018 and making his subscribers a 550% gain), he cut his teeth at Wall Street firms specialising in initial public offerings (IPOs).

In 1991, he was the youngest vice president in Shearson Lehman history. And for anyone who doesn’t know, Shearson Lehman was a key player in the IPO market for a century.

The companies that kicked off the Industrial Revolution and the consumer electronics boom… Shearson Lehman took them public.

From Shearson Lehman, he went to Cowen & Co, which has been ranked one of the top IPO banks in the world.

Here’s why he wants to tell you this…

Teeka Tiwari has been watching the IPO market closely since 2019 and in January, he told his readers we would see a mega wave of companies going public this year.

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