106 Joanne McNally's Guide To A Great Ab.

106 Joanne McNally's Guide To A Great Ab.

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 9 September

The Drunk Women are back with another set of mysterious circumstances to sift through, this week they are aided and abetted by the hilarious comedian and writer Joanne McNally.

Joanne reaccounts a crime which will chime with many of your lock-down experiences and is also a lesson in reading the reviews ... if only for comedy value. 

The gang then circumnavigate their way through the twists and turns of a confidence trickster - who obviously had the stuff in abundance! 

Then, we hear from a listener, who perhaps just needs their sense of direction testing, rather than a crime solving? 

AND, some big news about an upcoming LIVE show is about to be announced - so make sure you keep an eye on our Twitter: @drunkwomenpod and Insta: drunkwomensolvingcrime for details coming soon! 

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