Episode 164 - "Command Rape": Vanessa Guillen & LaVena Johnson


By True Crime with Suruthi & Hannah

Episode 164 - "Command Rape": Vanessa Guillen & LaVena Johnson

Thursday, 10 September

The US military has a rape problem; 20% of women who enlist are sexually assaulted or harrassed. 

The US military also appears to have a murder problem, because a distrubing number of women who have been victims of 'command rape' are dying in mysterious circumstances.

Vanessa Guillen was a 20 year old solider stationed at Fort Hood, Texas and on 22 April 2020 she vanished. 6 weeks later her burned, dismembered and concrete encased remains were found. Vanessa, just like LaVena Johnson and so many other women in the miliatary, appears to have been planning to report a fellow solider before she was murdered...

Sources: www.redhandedpodcast.com


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