Episode 186: Food Special with Melissa @fowlmouthsfood

Episode 186: Food Special with Melissa @fowlmouthsfood

By Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn

The Scummy Mummies Podcast

Tuesday, 15 September

Is it better to follow recipes or your instincts? What's going on with the food industry's diversity problem? And what would you eat for your last supper? Answering all these questions and more is the amazing Melissa, aka @fowlmouthsfood! 

She tells us how she created her hugely popular pop-ups and Insta account, and even landed a column in BBC Good Food magazine. We discuss how to write a recipe, and the issues around cooking food from other cultures. Ellie reveals her secret lentil shame, and Helen tells us her golden rule of cooking, for what it's worth. 

We also discuss Melissa's experience of motherhood, and learn what not to say to a lesbian couple having a baby. Plus, we find out what it's like when your partner is a doctor on the frontline. 

If you've ever eaten food, do follow Melissa @fowlmouthsfood, and look out for her BBC Good Food column coming soon. 

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