Episode 01: Starting Your Podcast and Building Community Featuring Blk Pod Collective!

Episode 01: Starting Your Podcast and Building Community Featuring Blk Pod Collective!

By Race Forward

For our season premiere, Chevon and Hiba link up with Blk Pod Collective’s Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Ona Oghogho, and Membership Director Sheunopa Mugobogobo to talk about the growing Black podcasting landscape and the importance of building community and showing solidarity in podcasting. 


In the conversation Ona and Shenuopa talk about their collaboration in building up Blk Pod Collective, and how their efforts to create systemic change resulted in the Blk Podfest Micro Con at the Podfest Global Summit which brought together over 1,500 attendees last month. 


Shenuopa and Ona also discuss their experiences that led them to the podcasting space, their individual philosophies in podcasting, the importance of ownership, and the ways Blk Pod Collective is aiming to become the “one-stop-shop for all of your podcasting needs to help you on your journey to work with Black creatives.”


Hiba and Chevon also talk about the big news items in the last couple of months, including Senator Kamala Harris’ Vice Presidential nomination, the protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin that resulted from the police involved shooting of Jacob Blake, and they give a heartfelt “rest in power” to Chadwick Boseman who tragically passed a couple of weeks ago following his undisclosed battle with cancer. 


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Resources (by order of mention) 


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White Teen Charged With Death of 2 Protestors in Kenosha, Wisconsin (via Colorlines)



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Kenosha Protests, Violence Expose Racial Disparities Among The Worst In The Country (via NPR)



Actor Chadwick Boseman, the First Black Superhero, Dies at 43 (via Colorlines)



Chadwick Boseman Gets Emotional About Black Panther's Cultural Impact (via SiriusXM)



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Blk Podfest Micro Con 2020: Attendee Insight


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