By Festival of the Spoken Nerd

In this episode, Steve tries to measure distant stars with his thumb, Matt talks black holes & plot holes and Helen plays some of her favourite space sounds. Plus a song from Helen that may provide useful information for your future interstellar travel needs:

- Steve's bit (01:00)

- Helen's bit (12:30)

- Matt's bit (24:40)

- Helen's Cryonic Love Song (38:50)

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Unfortunately our show notes are too big for Acast's margins to contain... head to the Interstellar episode page to see everything.

Corrections and clarifications:

- 12:09 - Helen uses the phrase "standing on the shoulders of giants" which - as Lynda Goldenberg rightly points out - not actually a complement, but rather a heinous insult used by Isaac Newton to describe Robert Hooke. We'll pull this apart properly in a future episode. 

- 20:49 - Anaesthetists @brisgasdoc and @mjtb1987 have confirmed that they use the blood oxygen level tone all day, every day with their patients. This paper is an interesting investigation into attention and sonification in the operating room, and does mentions how surgical colleagues prefer to keep the oximeter volume down low. 

Thanks for listening!

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