Episode 187: Being a carer with Penny Wincer

Episode 187: Being a carer with Penny Wincer

By Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn

The Scummy Mummies Podcast

Tuesday, 29 September

Our guest for this episode is the brilliant Penny Wincer - writer, photographer, and carer. She tells us about looking after her mum when she was a teenager, and what life is like now she is caring for her autistic son.

We learn about how it feels to be the child of a person with mental health issues, and how Penny coped after her mum's suicide. She also shares the biggest lesson she learned from her mum's experience 

We discuss the stigma that still exists around special education, and the difficulties and benefits of having a child who's on a different path. Penny gives us some useful advice for carers, and some ideas for how those around them can offer support. We hear about Penny's own self-care strategies, and why she thinks mum guilt is bullshit. Plus: find out why Helen's coffee machine is like a vagina. 

Penny's superb book, Tender: The Imperfect Art of Caring, is out now. You can find her website at pennywincer.com, or follow her on Instagram @pennywincer.

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