109 Poppy Hillstead & The Ubiquitous Naked Lady

109 Poppy Hillstead & The Ubiquitous Naked Lady

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 30 September

In this week's edition of DWSC Taylor displays some enviably relaxed hosting skills, whilst presenting a fascinating case which 'poses' countless questions, as well as making us realise that behind every nude statue is a great woman.

The gang are also joined by the awesome podcaster, animator and very able detective, Poppy Hillstead, who tells us about the time she was present for the kind of crime that, although baffling to comprehend, can only be witnessed by someone who has made the leap to the big city - Carrie Bradshaw would be green with envy.

The whole team then solve a riddle posed by cherished listener Vanessa, who certainly gave the those little grey cells a work-out!

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