Victoria Beckham and Louise Redknapp's Crystal Healer on Making the Practice Work for You

Going for Goal

By Women's Health UK

Victoria Beckham and Louise Redknapp's Crystal Healer on Making the Practice Work for You

Thursday, 1 October

Given the news of late has been so focused on the sharpest edge of health and healthcare, we thought we'd go right to the other end of the spectrum with a conversation that’s properly, unashamedly 'woo woo' wellness. In today’s episode, WH’s Digital Beauty and Health Editor Claudia Canavan chats to musician Louise Redknapp along with her crystal healer Emma Lucy Knowles. Author of three books, The Power of Crystal Healing, You Are a Rainbow: Essential Auras and The Life-Changing Power of Intuition: Tune into Yourself, Transform Your Life, her illustrious client list also includes Victoria Beckham. From knowing which crystal might work for you to how to buy ethically, these three discuss the things that anyone who’s curious about incorporating crystal healing into their health and wellness routine needs to know. And sure, while carrying a rose quartz in your bag - or bra - doesn’t come with the backing of eminent academics or peer-reviewed studies, growing numbers of people are finding comfort in this stuff. And, right now, isn't finding comfort a valid goal in and of itself?

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