#MondayMotivation: Brad Burton - Get Off Your Arse | London Real

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By Brian Rose

#MondayMotivation: Brad Burton - Get Off Your Arse | London Real

Monday, 5 October

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Brad Burton is 100% Real.  Years ago two bullet holes through his window encouraged him to change his life completely and he set up 4Networking, the UK’s largest joined-up business network.

He is the Author of the highest rated business book on Amazon titled “Get Off Your Arse”, with over 200 reviews averaging 4.9/50.  His current book “Life. Business.: Just Got Easier” is in the top 10 business books on the shelf at W. H. Smith here in the UK.

Brad can move people when he speaks because he’s been there, and done that.  He puts complicated business concepts into plain talk and simple anecdotes that anyone can understand.  And he’s one hell of an entertainer!

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