Protecting Your Mental Health in a Pandemic: One Psychiatrist's Prescription

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By Women's Health UK

Protecting Your Mental Health in a Pandemic: One Psychiatrist's Prescription

Thursday, 8 October

Times are tough; made more so by the fact we don’t know exactly when they’re going to get better. But, as policymakers and medical chiefs aim to sort the situation on a zoomed out, macro level, we want to play our small part in helping by offering you sensible, actionable advice on looking after your mind in 2020. Just in time for World Mental Health Day, we’ve got NHS consultant psychiatrist Dr Sarah Vohra on the podcast to discuss the particular challenges this moment presents for our minds - and, crucially, what you can do to mitigate their worst effects. She’s one of Women’s Health’s most trusted authorities on mental health and, as you’ll get from this conversation, has a real knack for turning down the alarm bells and intensity on the topic of mental health and providing really straightforward, clear-eyed advice. Here, she talks Senior Editor Roisín Dervish-O’Kane through the simple habits and routines that are vital for mental health maintenance during a tough time, such as staying disciplined with your self-care and being aware of your limits. Plus, what to do if you are one of the people whose mental health has slipped to the point where you’re not coping and need to seek extra support. You are, very much, not alone - and we hope you find this episode useful.

Dr Sarah Vohra is author of The Mind Medic: Your Five Senses Guide To Living A Calmer, Happier Life (£14.99, Penguin Life)

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