Dead Ringers OT - Screaming Recommendations - Vol. 1

Dead Ringers OT - Screaming Recommendations - Vol. 1

By Dead Ringers

On this Off-Topic episode, Nolan is joined by Paul Farrell and Ben McBride — as well as special guest Nick Caruso from TVLine — to recommend streaming horror movies to fill out your Spooky Season and highlight some quality direct-to-streaming movies you may have overlooked.

Movies discussed on this episode: DOWN (2019) (Hulu), CULTURE SHOCK (2019) (Hulu), SCARE ME (2020) (Shudder), ALL THAT WE DESTROY (2019) (Hulu), SPLICE (2010) (Netflix), THE DEEPER YOU DIG (2020) (Shudder/Arrow Video), THE WRETCHED (2020) (Hulu), THE LODGE (2020) (Hulu), BOOKS OF BLOOD (2020) (Hulu), TONE-DEAF (2019) (Showtime), PARTY HARD, DIE YOUNG (2018) (Shudder), SPIRAL (2020) (Shudder), WOUNDS (2019) (Hulu), HUBIE HALLOWEEN (2020) (Netflix), TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID (2017) (Shudder), SATAN'S SLAVES (2017) (Shudder), DEADTECTIVES (2019) (Shudder), THE POOL (2018) (Shudder), THE SHED (2019) (Shudder), EXTRA ORDINARY (2019) (Showtime), LITTLE MONSTERS (2019) (Hulu), LAKE MICHIGAN MONSTER (2020) (Arrow Video), VAMPIRES VS. THE BRONX (2020) (Netflix), INTRUDER (1989) (TubiTV).

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