195: Managing Your Stress Response with Dr. Greg Kelly

Kwik Brain with Jim Kwik

By Jim Kwik, Your Brain Coach, Founder www.KwikLearning.com

195: Managing Your Stress Response with Dr. Greg Kelly

Monday, 12 October

How do you do show up as the best version of yourself?

We all have those days when we don’t show up as our best selves, but it really doesn’t help to beat yourself up about it. The solution could be quite simple.

Today I’m excited to welcome our special guest, Dr. Greg Kelly. Greg is a Naturopathic physician (N.D.), lead product formulator, and author.

In this episode, Greg shares the importance of understanding concepts and mental models, so we don’t blame ourselves for our behaviors. Being grouchy or irritable is a symptom that your mental energy is depleted. Often, all we need is an opportunity to recharge to show up as the best versions of ourselves.

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