Alex Scott on The Power of Sport, Lockdown Lessons and Finding Solace in Therapy

Going for Goal

By Women's Health UK

Alex Scott on The Power of Sport, Lockdown Lessons and Finding Solace in Therapy

Thursday, 15 October

First of all, we're sending a massive virtual hug to everyone who’s been affected by the latest restrictions in the UK. It’s been a tense week - more so for some than others - and we hope you’re doing what you can to look after yourselves. If you’re running low on inspiration, we reckon today’s guest, Alex Scott - England footballing star turned pundit, sports broadcaster (and 2019 Strictly alumnus) is well-equipped to help you. Since being scouted at the age of eight while playing football near her London council estate, her life as a pro-athlete was defined by how fit, strong and athletic she was. But now, by her own admission, she ‘uses fitness for fun’ - and the joy she clearly finds in it is truly infectious. In this episode she chats to WH Editor-in-Chief Claire Sanderson about the lessons she’s learned in her long career, as well as the strengths that sport and exercise equips girls and women with on and off the pitch. She also opens up about her mental health, therapy, living alone during lockdown - and what her next big career goal looks like. 

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