Comfort Eating, Calories and Covid: A Top Nutritionist on Weight Loss Now

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By Women's Health UK

Comfort Eating, Calories and Covid: A Top Nutritionist on Weight Loss Now

Thursday, 22 October

This week we're looking at the never-not-tricky topic of weight loss, with actionable tips and strategies to help navigate the complex world of food and feelings. Something that’s been made ever more complex by the small matter of a global pandemic. While there are, arguably, far bigger things to think about right now than the size and shape of your body, the matter of how to manage weight - without burdening your mind - has been at the forefront of many people's thoughts. The messages from those of you wanting help with snacking and weight loss tips has been matched only by the number of you seeking advice on how you can keep your body confidence and relationship with food robust, during a time when everyone's mental health is being pressured in all directions - and life is less rich and active than before. So, in this episode, we’re going to take a kind approach to the topic of weight management, as we draw to a close of 2020. Senior Editor Roisín Dervish-O’Kane is joined by Rhiannon Lambert - a Harley Street nutritionist, who helps clients overhaul their health at her Rhitrition clinic, whether that involves losing excess weight or helping recovering eating disorder patients rebuild their relationship with food. She's also a published author and host of the Food For Thought podcast. Here, she busts some of the most pervasive weight loss myths, offers some smart strategies for avoiding mindless snacking while WFH and explains why - now of all times - it’s important to not beat yourself up about finding comfort in food.

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