114 MEN'S MONTH: Nish Kumar

114 MEN'S MONTH: Nish Kumar

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 4 November

At the time of release for this episode, it's November 2020, which can only mean one thing ... THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN!

Yes, Hannah, Taylor & Catie decided to give the men of the comedy world a well-earned leg-up, by allowing four of them on the show throughout the month - in honour of International Men's Day on November 19th. 

And to kick things off for us this year is the fantastic Nish Kumar, whose enthusiasm for solving crime is as infectious as his laugh.

Nish and the gang immerse themselves into a story which has some rather unexpected plot twists, as well as an accidental key player in canine form. 

Before that, Nish begins the show with a tale which either shows his heroics, or that his mum is utterly terrifying...probably a bit of both. 

To round things off, we hear from a listener, whose crime probably shouldn't be listened to whilst eating, and just goes to prove - you can't polish a turd. 

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