Simple Steps to Guard Against Burnout This Lockdown

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By Women's Health UK

Simple Steps to Guard Against Burnout This Lockdown

Thursday, 5 November

England is going back into a nationwide lockdown today and if you’re feeling pretty apprehensive about that, you’re very much not alone. The fact that so many of us are going to be staying home for the next month really increases the relevance of this latest episode, a conversation in which we’re looking at the goal of how you can protect yourself against mental and emotional burnout. More than a fancy term for being exhausted and overworked, burnout is condition that’s been recognised by the World Health Organisation. It’s something that has touched so many of us during the last national lockdown as Covid-19 drove a wrecking ball through our normal ways of living, working and socialising, and has lingered throughout the past months of fluctuating restrictions. In this episode, Senior Editor Roisín Dervish-O'Kane calls up Professor Amy O’Hana, a counsellor and lecturer at Oregon State University in the US and author of Beyond Burnout: What to do When your Work isn’t Working for You, along with Professor Josh Cohen, a psychoanalyst, Goldsmiths University professor and author of Not Working: Why We Have to Stop. Together they discuss what burnout is, what it isn’t, how to spot the signs if you are going through it and, crucially, what you can do to protect your mental, emotional and spiritual health as England moves into Lockdown 2.0. 

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