RHLSTP 301 - Ed Gamble

RHLSTP with Richard Herring

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RHLSTP 301 - Ed Gamble

Wednesday, 11 November

#301 Forsaken - It’s the first show of series 20 (how does this keep getting commissioned?) and Rich is giving a moving tribute to a wrongly disgraced broadcaster and glad to see what’s making the BBC news headlines. His guest is the reigning Taskmaster champion Ed Gamble. They discuss who is doing the most podcasts, the problem with banofee pie, naughty puppets, why heavy metal is childish, whether Ed’s fiancé is a paid actor, the Proustian memories brought up by gladiators and performing whilst looking at yourself in a sheet of perspex. Plus would being caught in an act of self-love on camera be good or bad for Richard’s career. 

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