Confessions of a gay Metal God with Rob Halford

A Gay and A NonGay

By James Barr and Dan Hudson

Confessions of a gay Metal God with Rob Halford

Wednesday, 11 November

Happy International Metal Day. Today on the podcast we are joined by the rainbow of metal, the Metal God himself, Rob Halford, frontman for Birmingham heavy metal legends Judas Priest. Wahey.

Rob came out as gay live on MTV in 1998, today we chat about his incredible journey as the gay frontman of one of the biggest heavy metal bands in the world - his coming out, his meeting with Cilla Black at Buckingham Palace and his friendship with Lady GaGa!

Today he offers his support to outsiders in the LGBTQ+ community and this episode is a really important reminder that not all gay people are the same. Get those leathers on and strap in…

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