#23 - Noel Fitzpatrick


By Chris Evans

#23 - Noel Fitzpatrick

Friday, 13 November

HOW TO be a REAL life SUPERHERO. HOW TO have one last HURRAH. How to have the most ZEN MUM on the planet. How to cope with failure and criticism. How to go from rock star playing the biggest veterinary gig to A&E. HOW to get animals to save your LIFE. HOW TO witness the near death experience of your best friend border-terrier Kiara. How to be best friends with Russell Brand.

Instagram: @profnoelfitzpatrick

Twitter: @fitzpatrickref

Facebook: @ProfessorNoelFitzpatrick

Books: How Animals saved my Life Listening to the Animals

Website: https://www.fitzpatrickreferrals.co.uk/

Show sponsored by:  M&S plant Kitchen

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