A Non-Transfer of Power

A Non-Transfer of Power

By The New York Times

The Daily

Friday, 13 November

Maggie Haberman on why the traditional transfer of power is not happening this year, and the implications of that delay.

Guest: Maggie Haberman, a White House correspondent for The New York Times

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Background reading:

Days after President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. was declared the winner of the election, President Trump has still refused to concede.Advisers to the president say Mr. Trump is seeing how far he can push his case and ensure the continued support of his Republican base.A number of leading Republicans have rallied around the president, declining to challenge the false narrative that it was stolen from him. Instead, senators have tiptoed around the reality of Mr. Trump’s loss, and the lack of evidence to suggest widespread election fraud or improprieties that could reverse that result.

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