A chat with author and lifelong Red Tony Quinn on his new book, Klopp: My Liverpool Romance

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A chat with author and lifelong Red Tony Quinn on his new book, Klopp: My Liverpool Romance

Wednesday, 18 November

From Andy Robertson’s 'Now You’re Gonna Believe Us', to 'Greatest Games' by Jamie Carragher, and to Melissa Reddy’s 'Believe Us', if you’re looking for a Liverpool FC book for Christmas, or even to get you through this latest lockdown, then there’s plenty to choose from. And we’d just like to introduce you to another... it’s called 'Klopp: My Liverpool Romance', and it’s written by journalist, author and lifelong Red Tony Quinn. For 15 years Huyton-born Tony was the film critic for the Independent. He is also the author of six novels. But this book is his first dive into the world of sportswriting – and it is the first UK-written book about the man who has guided Liverpool back to the top of English, European and World football. It’s not a biography in the conventional sense, more an ode, as Tony jokes, to ‘the third person in his marriage’... Jurgen Klopp. And earlier this week Paul Wheelock had to chance to speak to Tony from his home in London, all about the book, and all about his beloved Liverpool FC. Enjoy.

You can buy Klopp: My Liverpool Romance here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Klopp-Liverpool-Romance-Anthony-Quinn/dp/0571364969

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