How To Get Great Skin Q&A: Two Leading Doctors Tackle Your Dilemmas

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By Women's Health UK

How To Get Great Skin Q&A: Two Leading Doctors Tackle Your Dilemmas

Thursday, 19 November

Given how much you loved our episode all about how best to care for your skin throughout the decades, we thought it was about time we do another show solely dedicated to looking after your body’s largest organ. Because, who doesn’t want their skin to be healthy, resilient and looking its best? Women’s Health’s beauty editor, Perdie Nouril, has been collecting your questions over the past couple of weeks, and they range from perennial concerns - such as treating acne, calming rosacea and what to eat for great skin - to some topics that are, terribly, of the moment. (Think: getting rid of the dreaded maskne, and the impact all that blue light we’re exposed to is having - now that meetings, workouts, book clubs, family catch ups etc are often taking place via a screen.) Answering your questions on today’s show are two of the British beauty industry’s most in-demand doctors: Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme, founder of the award winning Adonia clinic, and renowned cosmetic dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting. Expect clear-eyed, actionable advice about a range of conditions and insider tips on how best to invest in your skin - including what much-hyped products and treatments really aren’t worth your money.

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