117 MEN'S MONTH: Romesh Ranganathan

117 MEN'S MONTH: Romesh Ranganathan

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 25 November

As this year's 'Men's Month' draws to a close, who better to usher it out than the fantastic comedian, presenter and trainer enthusiast; Romesh Ranganathan!

Romesh brings with him a tale of a crime which has probably marred what should be a pretty great memory, but at least he can take comfort in his enviable sartorial style ... probably.

The team then get their bottle caps off, whilst putting their thinking caps on to try and get to the bottom of a case with more than a few twists (of lime), whilst assessing just how gullible they would be if they found themselves in the same situation as this week's perps (ans: just as gullible).

And as usual we hear from a listener who is in need of our crack team's investigative skills - this week we get some great advice on how to deal with shop-based trouble makers in pretty convincing role-play.

Thanks so much to all the guys who have guested on Men's Month 2020, it's been a blast and look forward to welcome four more dudes to the force in 2021.

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