AJ Odudu on Being an Extrovert in Lockdown and Opening Up About Racial Justice

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By Women's Health UK

AJ Odudu on Being an Extrovert in Lockdown and Opening Up About Racial Justice

Thursday, 26 November

We're thinking of you at WH during this most November-y of Novembers. If you’re having a pretty grey day, we hope that today’s show will be a bit of a brightener. Rather than a conversation that homes in on how to achieve a specific health goal, we’ve got an interview for you with one of the most fun and interesting up-and-coming female stars on our screens right now. She’s AJ Odudu, the 32-year-old Blackburn-born presenter who you’ll know from TV shows including The Voice and Don’t Rock the Boat with Freddie Flintoff. Her on-screen brand is all high energy and warm smiles, but in today’s episode – in which she chats to WH’s digital fitness writer Morgan Fargo - she opens up about how tricky 2020 was to manage for someone as extroverted as herself. However, she tells us how lockdown has taught her some valuable lessons - not least the importance of establishing a solid workout routine and getting enough rest. AJ also speaks candidly about how the Black Lives Matter movement affected her emotionally, and why the article she wrote for Vogue (which was shared widely online - do have a Google and read it if you haven’t already) was a form of self-therapy. It’s a chat that’s sunny, energising - and really thought provoking.

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AJ Odudu on being an extrovert during lockdown

Learning the importance of getting enough rest

How affirmations help give her confidence presenting

Why the Black Lives Matter movement was a time of trauma

How she motivates herself to workout

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