437: Charles Koch & Brian Hooks | Bottom-Up Solutions for a Top-Down World

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By Jordan Harbinger

437: Charles Koch & Brian Hooks | Bottom-Up Solutions for a Top-Down World

Thursday, 26 November

Charles Koch is the CEO of Koch Industries, one of the largest privately held American companies. Brian Hooks is the CEO of philanthropic community Stand Together. Together, they wrote Believe in People: Bottom-Up Solutions for a Top-Down World.

What We Discuss with Charles Koch and Brian Hooks: In what ways is our world "top-down," and what are "bottom-up" solutions? Should corporations with unfathomably deep coffers be allowed to contribute so much money to the political process and crafting of policies that affect us all? In recent years, what problems have warranted Charles' collaboration with figures from the "other" side of the political spectrum (like George Soros -- who is vilified by the right for contributing to Democratic initiatives just as Charles is vilified by the left for his contributions to Republican causes)? Good profit versus bad profit, and why making money should be a side-effect of creating mutual value, not the goal itself. How does Charles answer detractors who say Koch Industries is only in favor of government deregulation and pushing climate change denial so it can pollute with reckless abandon for maximum profits at the expense of the world's poorest? And much more...

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