What next for 'Global Britain?'

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By Sky News

What next for 'Global Britain?'

Thursday, 26 November

Adam Boulton and guests assess the Chancellor's Spending Review with a particular focus on the decision to cut the international budget from 0.7 to 0.5 percent.

The move breaks a Conservative manifesto commitment and causes the Prime Minister some political discomfort with the threat of a backbench rebellion.

And what of the Brexit endgame? No mention of the 'B' word in Rishi Sunak's statement but plenty of discussion among the panel as they ponder what this week's events mean for 'Global Britain.'

Joining Adam this week are:
Contributing editor at The Mail on Sunday and former speech writer for David Cameron, Ian Birrell; the author of 'Deepfakes' Nina Schick and Sky's chief political correspondent Jon Craig
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