Electric Decade:  The Good Soldier

Electric Decade: The Good Soldier

By BBC Radio 4

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Friday, 27 November

By Ford Maddox Ford Adapted by Sebastian Baczkiewicz A new adaptation of Ford Maddox Ford’s classic novel. John Dowell is the original unreliable narrator in a twisted tale of sex, money and murder. John Dowell (Kyle Soller) recounts the ‘saddest story ever told’, in which ‘good soldier’ Edward Ashburnham's libido leaves countless lives in ruins. Sharp, menacing and ultimately deadly, The Good Soldier can be seen as the prototype for the psychosexual drama. In charge of the story is Dowell - the impotent, voyeuristic husband of Florence, whose love affair with Edward ultimately ends in tragedy. But how much can we trust Dowell’s account of events? How does he know such intimate details of his wife’s affair? And who is really responsible for the dramatic tragedies that hang over the story? Of The Good Soldier Graham Greene said, 'I don't know how many times in nearly forty years I have come back to this novel'. While Julian Barnes simply described it as 'a masterpiece'. John Dowell…. Kyle Soller Florence Dowell…. Tonya Cornelisse Edward Ashburnham…. Patrick Baladi Leonora Ashburnham…. Fiona O’Shaughnessy Major Hazleton…. Mark Bonnar Nancy Rufford…. Ashna Rabheru Jimmy Doyle…. Ronan Summers Maisie Maidan…. Cecilia Appiah Directed by James Robinson A BBC Cymru Wales Production
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