118 Kellie Shirley & The Riddle of Poison

118 Kellie Shirley & The Riddle of Poison

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 2 December

And the girls are back in town! As we reach into December 2020, the Drunk Women once again welcome back the regular all female line-up and joining them to solve some crime and get tipsy is actor Kellie Shirley, who starts-off by giving us all a cautionary tale of trying too hard to impress a prospective love interest.

The team then pour a large one before poring over a case which although had the doctors of the time perplexed, is one our gals can see straight through - some pretty impressive (and drunk) detective work in play here.

We then round-things-off with a listener crime which will leave you feline good. 

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