441: Russell Brand | Finding Freedom from Our Addictions

The Jordan Harbinger Show

By Jordan Harbinger

441: Russell Brand | Finding Freedom from Our Addictions

Thursday, 3 December

Russell Brand (@rustyrockets) is a comedian, broadcaster, actor, podcaster, columnist, political commentator, mental health and drug rehabilitation activist, and author of twelve books — including Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions.

What We Discuss with Russell Brand: How the concept of the twelve-step program is applicable to all forms of attachment as a tool for transition. Why does it usually take a serious crisis to spur people toward seeking help for their addictions? Addiction is really the result of reaching for something external that already exists internally — but exists in a place that’s either unknown or inaccessible. Do we really overcome addiction, or is it an ongoing struggle that requires constant attention and maintenance? What does addiction want? And much more...

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