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119 Natasha Vasandani & The Nonagenarian Serial Killer

119 Natasha Vasandani & The Nonagenarian Serial Killer

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

In this episode of Drunk Women Solving Crime, the wine flowed freely as the team welcomed writer, actor and producer Natasha Vasandani to the force and let their little grey cells run all-over a case which just goes to prove that not every granny likes to knit for a hobby!

Natasha kicks the whole thing off as she seeks closure for a wrongdoing at primary school (which depressingly wasn't all that long ago) and also highlights that some words will have a VERY different meaning on either side of the pond, potentially leading to hilarious consequences.

We also hear that Hannah (AKA detective Buttstuff) finds a familial connection to The Titanic (sort of) and this week's listener crime makes a mug of us all.

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