30+ Fertility: Your Questions About Getting Pregnant Now or in the Future

Going for Goal

By Women's Health UK

30+ Fertility: Your Questions About Getting Pregnant Now or in the Future

Thursday, 10 December

For our penultimate episode of the year (see ya never, 2020) we’re tackling the topic of fertility - and handing the reins over to you. More than one hundred of you sent in your questions on the subject and you covered a lot of ground. Expect information on everything from understanding the timeline fundamentals and how bodyweight affects fertility to facts about interventions like egg freezing and the lifestyle tweaks that can optimise your chances of having a successful IVF cycle. The first expert answering your questions is Dr Larisa Corda, an NHS obstetrician and gynaecologist who also works in private practice. If you spend weekday mornings with Holly and Phil on the regular, you might remember her from The Conception Plan, a mini-feature on This Morning, which followed several couples struggling with infertility on their journeys to fall pregnant and foregrounded her holistic, lifestyle-focused approach to improving fertility. The second is Melanie Brown, a nutritionist who uses food and lifestyle-based interventions to help couples overcome infertility and has worked alongside gynaecologists, urologists, midwives and IVF specialists for over two decades. While the questions we received were skewed towards the experience of heterosexual couples, much of the advice given is useful for all women - regardless of their partner’s gender. There are, of course, many routes to motherhood.

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