Episode 05: Mid-Season Finale: “Culture In the Time of the Uprisings” Highlights (featuring Layshia Clarendon, Crystal Echo Hawk, and Cristina Jiminez)

Episode 05: Mid-Season Finale: “Culture In the Time of the Uprisings” Highlights (featuring Layshia Clarendon, Crystal Echo Hawk, and Cristina Jiminez)

By Race Forward

In this special mid-season finale, Chevon and Hiba bring you highlights from the “Culture In the Time of the Uprisings” plenary from Facing Race: A National Virtual Conference, featuring WNBPA Vice President Layshia Clarendon, IllumiNative Executive Director Crystal Echo Hawk, and United We Dream Co-founder Cristina Jiminez.


"All periods require a collective leap of imagination. In recent years, artists, athletes, culture-bearers, cultural organizers, and narrative strategists have moved millions to embrace radical racial justice narratives and ideas. Black and Indigenous people and other people of color working in culture expand our desire for racial justice and sense of possibility. How are people innovating and advancing racial justice narratives? How do we think about the cultural battleground now in this time of uprisings? Race Forward is proud to present this plenary of leading cultural organizers, thinkers, and influencers."


Momentum: A Race Forward Podcast will be back early in the new year to continue bringing you the latest updates in the fight for racial justice. We wish you all a safe and prosperous New Year, and we look forward to bringing you the answer to the cliffhanger – “What was in the box?”.


Resources (by order of mention) 


Layshia Clarendon



Crystal Echo Hawk 



Cristina Jimenez 



WNBA revolts over Atlanta Dream co-owner Sen. Kelly Loeffler's comments about Black Lives Matter (via CNN)


WNBA players endorsed the opponent of Atlanta Dream co-owner Kelly Loeffler to help force a runoff for Georgia's Senate seat (via Insider)


IllumiNative advocacy group strives to provide accurate results of Native votes (via Navajo-Hopi Observer)



Biden Wants Another Crack at 'Comprehensive Immigration Reform' But Activists Are Wary of Past Failures (via Newsweek)



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