Gibbly and Gibli Go To The Moon

Gibbly and Gibli Go To The Moon

By Stories Podcast / Wondery

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Sunday, 13 December

Gibbly and Gibli are brothers. Or, maybe cousins? Actually, maybe they're just best friends, but no one really knows. What we DO know is that Gibbly and Gibli have LOTS of big ideas! But can they actually make these ideas happen?

Today's story is a special collaboration with our friend Elliott Kalan! Elliott Kalan is a writer who writes with words. He has written comic books, tv shows, and picture books, and he has won MANY awards for his writing, but he doesn't like to brag about it :) His newest book is called Sharko and Hippo and it would make a great gift for the holiday season. Check it out wherever books are sold!

This month, we'll be donating all the profits from this episode to the Native American Heritage Association, a non-profit organization that provides support to Native American families living on Reservations in South Dakota and Wyoming. For more information about the great work they're doing, visit their website:

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