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Episode #38 "Amour Fou"

Episode #38 "Amour Fou"

By (podjams)

This week Michael and Steve are joined by the incredible and talented Annabella Sciorra (Gloria Trillo). Annabella’s role of Gloria was one of the most memorable characters on the series and she was nominated for an Emmy for her performance. Annabella talks about how she got her start in the business, how she landed her first big role in True Love and her early days with Aida Turturro. Then she talks about her incredible time on the Sopranos. Originally she read for another role but she fell in love with the character of Gloria. At first David wanted Gloria to look more like Melfi but Annabella said No No No…She went with a much more alluring look and it worked. Tony was drawn in like a moth to a flame. She shares a great story about how she may have gone a little too far in a fight scene with James Gandolfini. 

Then Michael and Steve get onto this week’s episode which is absolutely fantastic. It's like a masterclass in acting as Annabella and Jim deliver some of the best performances of the series. Gloria is pushing Tony to the limit. Jackie Jr makes the worst decision of his life and Carmella is questioning everything. David Chase always liked to make the 12th episode of a season a big one and this does not disappoint. Talking Sopranos #38 “Amour Fou” S3 Ep-12. Make sure to subscribe to the Talking Sopranos podcast wherever you get your podcasts and go to the Talking Sopranos web site to ask questions and buy merchandise

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This special two-hour event will feature members of the original Sopranos cast who will answer questions and perform a live script reading written by Terrence Winter and David Chase. It’s an important organization that supports active and retired FDNY firefighters and their families who have been impacted by the trauma these heroes face daily. For more information go to

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