120 In The Dog House, with Sara Barron.

120 In The Dog House, with Sara Barron.

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 16 December

When it comes to drunken, true-crime solving, you can't keep a good woman down - something we already knew in regards to hosts, Catie, Hannah and Taylor, but we also now know to be true of comedian Sarah Barron, who agreed to join-in with the semi-sloshed sleuthing for today's episode. 

Sara started-off with a warning for any new parents, that the sheer exhaustion of a new baby can invite crime into your life (that and having a word doc named 'passwords' on the desktop of your laptop). 

The crew then bit-down into a case in which the perpetrator's life path had also seemingly pushed them into a slipstream of criminal activity, which was so out of character, it's difficult not to have some degree of empathy - especially if you're a a fan of dogs!

The ladies then give some closure to a listener who cannot be sure if they've been the victim of a crime ...spoiler alert, they probably were.

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