Under The Duvet: The 2020 Round-Up


By True Crime with Suruthi & Hannah

Under The Duvet: The 2020 Round-Up

Friday, 18 December

Merry Christmas Spooky Bitches! This year as a present for all the incredible things you guys have achieved (The Listener's Choice and Spotify No:1) we've decided to give you all some bonus content Christmas Presents. We've scoured through the hours of extra content we put up on Patreon to bring you 2020's greatest hits.

This episode is Under The Duvet, the after-show where we discuss the week's goings-on, whether it's politics, TV, or even our personal tales of woe. In these 2020 highlights, we're talking Chris Watts, Donald Trump, Anti-vaxxers, and of course, our EmptyHanded tales...

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