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Episode 400 | "Man On the Moan"

Episode 400 | "Man On the Moan"

By The Joe Budden Network

Joe wants to establish that the podcast is NOT an album review podcast (13:20), although the guys do react to Eminem's response to Snoop Dogg on his latest album (16:50). B. Dot's list shook up the internet which leads the guys to give their opinion and a preview to the JBP "year end wrap up" (29:30), the transition of moving on your own from your parents house (55:25), Joe reflects on recording 400 episodes (1:20:30), LaKeith Stanfield moaning for a chance to win $300 (1:35:45) and MORE!


Sleeper Picks

Joe | Keyshia Cole - “I Remember”

Rory | Drake - “Video Girl” 

Mal | Mase - “Niggaz Wanna Act” (Ft. Busta Rhymes)

Parks | Lupe Fiasco - “Dumb It Down”

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