Christmas Message 2020

Christmas Message 2020

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 23 December

Christmas is going to be a little different for us all this year, but there's one thing we can all rely on - some festive cheer from our favourite true-crime tipplers!

Taylor, Hannah and Catie took some time before their live stream show at The Clapham Grand in mid December 2020 to record this Christmas message - which let's face is guaranteed a few more laughs than The Queen's speech will have - no disrespect to Her Majesty, who would be a very welcome guest on the show....

But whilst we wait for QE2's reply, you can hear what happened with live stream guests Amy Gledhill and Michelle De Swarte when those episodes are released in January 2021 - and you'll also be able to SEE them as both shows will be available on patreon/drunkwomensolvingcrime ahead of the episodes releases.

Thank you so much for listening and supporting the show this year, you've made it more bearable for us, we love hearing from you so please keep getting in touch on

Twitter: @drunkwomenpod / Insta: drunkwomensolvingcrime and on email:

We'll be back on January 13th 2021, so until then MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR From everyone at DRUNK WOMEN SOLVING CRIME! XX

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