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Episode 403 | "Present In the Moment"

Episode 403 | "Present In the Moment"

By The Joe Budden Network

Joe, Mal, and Parks hold it down while Rorys is out and end the year off with showing gratitude while reflecting on the unpredictable year 2020 has been (8:00). Meek Mill had an exchange with a fan on CH (33:10) and Joe share's his thoughts on people confronting him on the app as well. Also, Young Thug had interesting things to say about Jay-Z and Lil Wayne (1:02:00), a debate on if Drake's career is over (1:18:00) and much more on the final episode of 2020!


Your Honor (1:39:00) *Potential Spoiler Alert*


Sleeper Picks

Joe | Vory - “This Side” (Ft. Landstrip Chip) 

Mal | 38 Spesh - “Under The Table” 

Parks | 38 Spesh - “Route 38”

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