#32 - Matthew Walker


By Chris Evans

#32 - Matthew Walker

Friday, 1 January

HOW TO give yourself the best start to a new you in 2021. HOW TO improve your judgement, your mental wellbeing and even your sex life. HOW TO enhance your fitness performance and decrease risk of injury and break records like Roger Federer and Usain Bolt. HOW TO avoid dementia and prolong your life. HOW TO have the best night’s sleep EVER by incorporating 5 top tips into your daily routine.

Tips for a better nights SLEEP:

Regularity- Try to go to sleep at the same time each night, even on a weekend. This will improve your quality and quantity of sleep. Darkness- An hour before bedtime dim the lights down by half or 70% in your home and keep away from laptops, phones or any screens before bedtime.Temperature- Keep it cool, have your bedroom at around 18 degrees Celsius. You will have a better sleep if your room is cooler rather than being too warm.Walk it out- If you find it hard to go to sleep or go back to sleep, get out of bed go to a different room with the lights dimmed down and read a book, do some stretches and do this until you become sleepy again then go back to bed.Alcohol and Caffeine- Be mindful of your alcohol and caffeine intake especially before bed (A quarter of caffeine stays in your system for 10-12hours)

Twitter: @sleepdiplomat

Website: www.sleepdiplomat.com

Book: Why We Sleep

MW Sleep Products: Shuni, Oura and Bryte

Chris's sleep prayer: Dr Wayne Dyer

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